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Litchfield Jazz Camp Data CD Download available!

Date Posted: Jun 12, 2013
All registered jazz camp students can now access a download package inside their online account. This package includes all required camp forms, additional educational materials and even some audio play alongs to help prepare for the playing assessment at camp.
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With this download we have created and included musical materials to help your student prepare for camp and the instrumental and theory assessments they will take once they arrive.  Also included are many materials our musical director, Don Braden, has compiled to help guide a student in their efforts to learn to improvise and play jazz. Providing these materials to you in digital format will reduce the Litchfield Jazz Camp's carbon footprint.

How to use the LJC Student Data CD Download:

You may download a copy (inside a ZIP file) immediately by logging into your onilne account and looking for the download link on the left hand side.
Upon opening the ZIP file on your computer you will find 4 folders: Camp Forms, Camp Resources, Music Resources, Musical Preparation, and a PDF titled "Read Me First!" Please start with that as it describes every item included on the CD and provides links to open them.
Here is what the folders contain:
Camp Forms - Extra copies of the forms necessary to attend camp. These can be uploaded through your online account, mailed or faxed to the LPA office.
Camp Resources - Information about camp, driving directions, and advice on how to get the most of out classes at camp.
Music Resources - General materials for continued study.
Musical Preparation - Everything needed to prepare musically for camp. Also included is a folder labeled "Playalongs.” In this folder you will find sheet music for 4 songs (provided for instruments in every key) the student may be asked to perform at the instrumental assessment. Also included is an MP3 track for each song the student can use to play the melody along with and to improvise with.

Date Posted: Jun 12, 2013