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The New York Times, Sunday, August 3rd -- "Postwar Melodies Through an Abstract Lens"

The New York Times, Sunday, August 3rd --
Date Posted: Aug 3, 2014
Evoking memories through music can be a straightforward affair: Play a tune as it was originally rendered, and the thoughts, feelings, sights and smells associated with a specific time and place come rushing back. But for Mario Pavone, 74, the process is not so simple.
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Mr. Pavone, an avant-garde bassist and composer, deals in abstraction. So when he set out to recall musically the world of postwar Waterbury — a city of ethnically diverse neighborhoods, united by the sound of the accordion — it was not a matter of grabbing a squeezebox and letting loose with vintage polkas, canned arias and the like.

“It was a matter of writing the music with my language,” he said last month in an apartment he keeps on the Upper West Side. “I wasn’t about to change that.”

Mr. Pavone’s language has been shaped over 50 years of making music with forward-thinking contemporaries like Paul Bley and Anthony Braxton. It will be heard loud and clear on Aug. 10 at the Litchfield Jazz Festival, where Mr. Pavone will lead a nonet in “Street Songs: The Accordion Project.”



By Phillip Lutz

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Date Posted: Aug 3, 2014