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WNPR 's Live Broadcast of "Where We Live" from Kent, July 30th

WNPR 's Live Broadcast of
Date Posted: Jul 30, 2009
WNPR's award winning program, Where We Live, is hosted by News Director, John Dankosky. This morning, Thursday, July 30th, he came to Kent with his producers and they aired Where We Live live at the Fife 'n Drum Restaurant in Kent. Click to listen to the podcast of the program.
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John Dankosky has been working in radio - mostly public radio - for 20 years. Since coming to Connecticut in 1994, he's helped to build WNPR's award-winning newsroom - cultivating one of the most talented news staffs in public radio.  He's won awards for reporting, hosting Where We Live, and "overall station excellence" from the AP.  John is an amateur drummer, who regularly plays music with other WNPR musicians, and dreams of being Charlie Watts or Elvin Jones, or even...well, decent. he Litchfield Jazz Festival has brought hundreds of world class artists to Connecticut – and has helped educate hundreds of students in this American art form.

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Where We Live at Fife 'n Drum, photo by Catie Talarski.

The Litchfield Festival started in 1996, and quickly became one of the most respected jazz events in the world. After starting its life in Litchfield, and then moving for a ten year run at the Goshen fairgrounds – it comes to the town of Kent for the first time this year.

The festival is more than just performances by professional musicians – it’s a jazz camp for aspiring talent. Today, where we Live we’re broadcasting live from Kent’s landmark restaurant, the fife and drum – the site of a jazz series leading up to the festival.

Today, we’ll hear from student musicians – talk about the Litchfield jazz festival – and the impact on this small town on Connecticut’s far Western edge.

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Date Posted: Jul 30, 2009