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DownBeat Magazine's 35th Annual Student Music Awards

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DownBeat Magazine's 35th Annual Student Music Awards
Date Posted: Dec 1, 2011
DownBeat Magazine is accepting applications for its 35th Annual Student Music Awards. They have converted to an e-application, so interested students will need to visit their website in order to apply...
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Click HERE to download the official rules and begin your application!  All applications are due on December 30, 2011.

The DownBeat Student Music Awards are considered the most prestigious awards in jazz education. Founded in 1976, hundreds of musicians, music educators and music industry professionals received their first international recognition as DownBeat Student Music Award winners. At least six winners have gone on to appear on the cover of DownBeat as professional artists. Scores have been featured in the magazine and have won either Critics or Readers Poll honors. Even before becoming professionals, the awards have helped young musicians garner more than $10 million in scholarship opportunities, perhaps much more. Being a DownBeat Student Music Award winner is an accomplishment line on any college application.

Good luck to Litchfield Jazz Camp students,

Frank Alkyer
Publisher, DownBeat Magazine

Date Posted: Dec 1, 2011