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Stories From Backstage – Bon Mots from Dr. John

Dr. John has a big fan base at Litchfield and headlined here twice.  The second time, a funny thing happened on the way to New Haven.

So here’s the story.  The festival was going swimmingly when I received a call from the gate that a gaggle– read 25 or 30 news men from around the world— were showing up with cameras and crews and asking to be let in.  It seems a Senatorial candidate had arrived with a congresswoman and a famous actor in tow and asked to be admitted.

Now this is a sticky wicket for a not for profit.  We are prohibited from getting involved in politics and this was definitely politics.  To make matters even dicey-er, we had already discouraged his opponent from attending. The challenger had never called to make prior arrangements AND part of his “entourage” was a 50 foot flatbed with the incumbent in effigy, driving back and forth in front of the Fairgrounds.  Between the rig, the reporters, the crews, the politicians and the celebs, we had a traffic jam that rivaled Governor Christie’s Washington Bridge fiasco.

So, I took matters in hand and told the politician to ask his camera crews to take it across the street and to pay for tickets for his “guests” but not to campaign on site. Then, I demanded his wrangler call the incumbent’s office and invite him to attend the next festival day, Sunday, at my invitation.  I stood there till the deed was done.

Things returned to normal because as always the show must go on.  Dr. John gave his usual sensational performance while the story went viral.

On Sunday my dear husband Art “the caretaker general” drove Dr. John to New Haven for his next gig and felt obliged to entertain him on the way.  So he told the story.   Dr. John thought about it all for a moment and pronounced —“Your Old Lady’s got cheek!”  I will cherish his assessment always!!!


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